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Founded in 1996, EMG International is an Environmental Engineering & Consulting Company specializing in Process Wastewater Treatment for the Food & Beverage Industry. EMG's proprietary PurEfflent(TM) Anaerobic Fluidized Bed Digester (AFBD) Technology offers high organic removal efficiency within the smallest footprint and low operating & maintenance (O&M) costs. At EMG International, we excel at consistently delivering high-quality, science-based solutions to our clients, on time, and within budget.
Wastewater Treatment & On-Site Electricity Production

Senator Pat Vance Report on EMG's PA Wastewater Treatment Facility

Why EMG?

Our mission is to merge experience, technology, innovation, and creativity to deliver an optimal solution for our client’s complex environmental issues. We evaluate projects based on both environmental and economic sustainability, creating customized, innovative engineering solutions that benefit the environment while also benefiting the client’s bottom line. We carefully evaluate compliance, risk management, future industry trends, cost-effectiveness, and technology during every phase of a project.
As our planet’s resources continue to be strained, impactful sustainability goals for a broad array of industries is becoming increasingly important. Typically, 70-95% of the water consumed by food and beverage manufacturers to end up down the drain. While most food and beverage manufacturers are making ongoing efforts to reduce both water consumption and process wastewater, the challenge and expense of managing wastewater streams remains substantial. Pre-treating process wastewater provides the most efficient and effective path to handle wastewater, and with EMG’s PurEffluent AFBD technology, it can pay for itself. Sustainability with affordability. The perfect combination.

Does your plant pay high surcharges or have high wastewater management costs because of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), or Total Suspended Solids (TSS)?

If so, contact us using the form below to learn how EMG’s PurEffluent AFBD technology will help you reduce your costs and improve your operational efficiency.

Where We Shine

We create an advanced process wastewater treatment system that improves both the bottom line and the environment. The food and beverage industry is under extreme regulatory and public pressure to operate with a robust sustainability plan that is economically viable. EMG’s PurEffluent Anaerobic Fluidized Bed Digester (AFBD) was designed to help our clients meet these needs. From beverages to dairy processing to bakeries and more, EMG has a proven successful track-record of providing the right wastewater pre-treatment solutions for our clients. Our systems eliminate Industrial User permit violations and reduce or eliminating sewer surcharge fees, while yielding the best ROI possible. And because biogas is a by-product of anaerobic digestion, electricity or Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) can be generated to further improve the economic impact.

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