Why EMG?

EMG’s scientists and engineers have developed a masterful set of capabilities in many areas of environmental engineering. But we are best known for biological treatment of process wastewater in the food & beverage industry. EMG’s technical teams have refined the most powerful biological treatment available for process wastewater – the anaerobic fluidized bed. Stemming from over two decades of research and development, EMG has delivered the proprietary PurEffluent™ Anaerobic Fluidized Bed Digester technology to clients across the United States.

PurEffluent Anaerobic Fluidized Bed Digester

Known by many as the racehorse of wastewater treatment, the anaerobic fluidized bed offers the highest organic removal efficiency in the smallest possible footprint. Four decades ago, the anaerobic process was known to be difficult to maintain and operate consistently under adverse conditions. That challenge is what inspired EMG to invest years in R&D to make the technology viable for the demands of industrial applications.

The PurEffluent™ Anaerobic Fluidized Bed Digester (AFBD) technology delivers on the promise of a stable, automated, and resilient process that can handle typical adverse operating conditions and recover quickly from upsets. Based on state-of-the-art technology, PurEffluent™ AFBD systems use immobilized anaerobic bacterial colonies to treat and convert organic content in wastewater streams into methane gas and carbon dioxide.

EMG’s PurEffluent™ AFBD technology is ideal for waste streams generated by the food and beverage industry, providing a reliable means of waste stream treatment and clear performance advantages while enhancing regulatory compliance and significantly reducing costs.

Comparison of EMG's PureEffluent™ Technology to Other Biological Treatment Options

Advantages and Benefits
Designed for Organic Loading Rate (OLR) and not Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT), the PurEffluent™ AFBD system can treat 2-10 times as much organic content in a wastewater stream than competing technologies; allowing for significantly smaller components and footprint.
EMG’s PurEffluent™ AFBD systems can reduce BOD5 by 85% to 95%, slashing wastewater disposal or aerobic treatment costs, while also creating the potential for a significant income stream from energy generation.
Thanks to an industry-leading organic removal efficiency relative to required footprint, combined with a high methane-content renewable biogas stream, EMG’s PurEffluent™ AFBD system is the best choice for utilizing a Combined Heat & Power (CHP) unit, or reclaiming the Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) stream resulting from the wastewater pre-treatment system. Utilizing a CHP unit or reclaiming the RNG stream produced from the PurEffluent™ AFBD ensures the wastewater pre-treatment system is an income producer, and significantly improves the overall project Return On Investment (ROI).
Thanks to the removal efficiency and small overall footprint, the cost to operate and maintain the PurEffluent™ AFBD system is one of the lowest in the industry. With only a few low horse-power pumps required and intelligent monitoring and chemical feed units, EMG’s PurEffluent™ AFBD system will provide real cost reduction benefits to your Plant, with minimal time required from the Plant’s maintenance team.