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EMG's Wastewater Treatment Technology Solutions

EMG has a full suite of technology solutions to meet various industrial wastewater treatment needs. Our services range from laboratory analysis and treatability studies to our state-of-the-art anaerobic PurEffluent™ technology.

Our engineering team has over 25 years of project experience which allows us to deliver long-term solutions that fit individual client needs.

Wastewater Treatment

We supply a wide range of treatment technologies that deliver results and long-term solutions to our clients. These include:
  • Anaerobic Treatment and the PurEffluent™ Technology
  • Aerobic and Polishing Systems
  • Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal
  • Wastewater collection and screening; and
  • Upgrading/Retrofitting Existing Treatment Plants

Sustainability & Renewable Energy

Our treatment technologies deliver tangible sustainability and energy results that reduce carbon footprint and advance sustainable manufacturing. These include:

  • Genset/CHP systems for electricity and heat generation
  • Biogas storage and purification systems
  • Reduction/elimination of waste generation and hauling
  • Water recycling and re-use solutions

Laboratory Services

EMG's laboratory provides a wide range of water and wastewater testing services with state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Our laboratory services include:

  • Wastewater characterization
  • Bench-scale studies
  • Pilot-scale testing
  • Field laboratory services

Field Services and O&M Support

To help our clients maintain optimal system operation, EMG offers a range of field services including:
  • Wastewater audits
  • Site visits and system service plans
  • Optimization & troubleshooting of system operation
  • On-site technical training

Environmental Consulting

EMG has a broad range of experience in various environmental engineering services including:

  • Environmental compliance
  • Pollution prevention
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Site/waste remediation

Environmental compliance
Environmental compliance is an important responsibility each company must maintain.
To assist, EMG owns and operates an independent environmental laboratory that performs a wide range of wastewater testing, characterization, and treatability studies.