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The EMG Advantage

We evaluate projects based on both environmental and economic sustainability, creating customized, innovative engineering solutions that benefit the environment while also benefiting the client’s bottom line.

This approach distinguishes us from our competitors and allows us to deliver clear advantages to our clients.

Leading Anaerobic PurEffluent™ Technology

EMG has refined the most powerful biological treatment available for process wastewater: The PurEffluent™ anaerobic fluidized bed system .

Stemming from over two decades of research & development, EMG has delivered the proprietary PurEffluent™ technology to provide clients with performance reliability, ease of operation, resilience under shock & overloading and more.

Technical Experts

The EMG team includes highly skilled scientist & engineers with valuable experience in a multitude of wastewater treatment technologies. Our experts combine research-based insight with hands-on applied experience to resolve the full spectrum of wastewater treatment needs.

Our team’s dedication to our clients stands out by implementing proven environmental engineering solutions that transform wastewater streams from a burden into an asset. We regularly present technical papers at national meetings & trade shows.

Successful & Proven Track Record

Founded in 1996, EMG International has delivered successful solutions for wastewater treatment for the Food & Beverage industry industry for over 25 years.

We excel at consistently delivering high-quality, science-based solutions to our clients, on time, and within budget.

Our technologies have a proven performance record for various wastewater streams in the industrial sector.

We combine experience, technology, innovation, and creativity

to deliver an optimal solution for our client’s complex environmental needs.

Zero Capital Investment

To reduce the upfront capital cost to our clients, EMG offers multiple project funding options.

Our Zero Capital investment offerings range from:

  • Fully-leased systems,
  • Joint-Ownership systems,
  • Rented units.

Performance Guarantee

Because we understand that our clients’ investment into wastewater treatment needs to be reliable and secure, we offer a Performance Guarantee for our systems so that industrial production does not become hindered by wastewater treatment.

Integrity & Ethical Approach

EMG’s scientists & engineers hold the utmost standards of integrity & ethics while performing their work. From Project Evaluation & Bidding, to System Design & Construction, and Operational Support, we focus on delivering on our promises without compromising our honesty, professionalism, and trust-worthiness.
We believe there is no conflict between maintaining integrity and ethical conduct and being a successful business pursuing sustainability & environmental responsibility.