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Laboratory Services

Environmental testing has become increasingly complex and demanding due to more stringent regulations. EMG understands the importance of receiving accurate and timely results from environmental sampling and analysis.

To this end, EMG owns and operates an independent environmental laboratory for various waste stream analyses and testing. We help our clients quantify wastewater treatment needs and evaluate various treatment technologies to find efficient, cost-effective, long-term solutions.

Wastewater Characterization

To properly manage wastewater and ensure compliance, receiving accurate and timely analytical results is critical.
EMG offers laboratory analysis for wide range of wastewater parameters quickly and accurately.
Our laboratory capabilities include:
  • Organic content (BOD5, COD, SCOD, TOC)
  • Nutrients, volatile acids, and trace metals
  • Alkalinity, pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen.
  • Total and Suspended Solids (TS and TSS), Volatile Solids (VS and VSS), Dissolved Solids (DS)
  • Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs)
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Bench-Scale Studies

For difficult or unique waste streams, EMG offers bench-scale testing for technology evaluation.
Our lab experts work with clients to develop potential treatment technologies, and promptly and cost-effectively identify successful treatment options.
Our bench-scale services include:
  • Testing of waste treatability
  • Evaluation of treatment technologies
  • Biochemical methane generation potential
  • Biological utilization rate
  • Nutrient deficiency evaluation
  • Chemical toxicity and mitigation testing

Pilot Plant Testing

EMG understands that when little operating data is available for a treatment system, conducting a pilot-scale test may be needed.

We conduct pilot-scale tests to help our clients evaluate:

  • System sizing and loading rates
  • Process performance and effluent quality
  • O&M costs and labor needs for system operation
  • Integrate new treatment technologies into existing systems

Field Laboratory Services

To keep wastewater treatment system performing at optimal levels, real-time data is needed sometimes.
EMG has mobile wastewater analysis equipment that can provide immediate results onsite for system evaluation and trouble shooting.
We offer the full suite of laboratory field services including:
  • Onsite sample analysis
  • Design and implementation of sampling plans
  • Bottle preparation and shipping
  • Data logging and download (temperature, pH, flow, etc.)
  • Data management and reporting