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Field Services and O&M Support

Even with EMG’s highly automated systems, basic maintenance tasks are required to maintain optimal system performance with low costs.

Not every client has the capability or desire to assign resources to the wastewater pre-treatment system.

To help our clients maintain steady system operation, we offer various field services towards this.

Wastewater System Audits & Service Visits

To help our clients assess the efficiency of their wastewater management practices, we offer basic audits and site walk-through services.
Our highly technical experts often identify areas for improvement in places others overlook.
Our goal for our clients is always to improve compliance, reduce costs, and optimize efficiencies related to wastewater management.
Our site evaluation visits include review of:
  • Wastewater generation and loading rates.
  • Historical management practices and equipment sizing.
  • Existing system operation and performance, if any.
  • O&M and chemical usage costs related to wastewater

System Operation Service Plans

To help maintain optimal performance of treatment systems, EMG offers different levels of operational support and service.
Our services to support wastewater treatment operators include:
  • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Monthly site visits and performance review.
  • Onsite sample analysis.
  • Data management and evaluation.
  • Preventative maintenance of equipment.
  • Emergency service for equipment and operations.

Operational Troubleshooting & Optimization

When existing treatment systems are not performing as designed, EMG can trouble-shoot system performance and optimize operation.
Our highly technical experts promptly identify and help address physical, chemical, or biological issues that may be hindering wastewater treatment.
Our operational troubleshooting and optimization services typically include:
  • Raw and treated wastewater testing and analysis.
  • Wastewater flow and loading evaluation.
  • Inhibition and toxicity testing.
  • Microbial viability assessments.

Onsite Technical Training

Staff turnover for clients can also mean loss of know-how on wastewater treatment.
For this reason, EMG offers onsite and webinar training on wastewater treatment for new plant engineers and operators.
Our staff offers technical onsite training for:
  • Aerobic processes and system operation.
  • Laboratory analysis and testing methods.
  • Wastewater treatment system troubleshooting.