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Environmental Consulting

EMG has a wealth of experience covering a broad range of environmental engineering support services. We evaluate client environmental procedures, operations and policies. If we identify a deficiency, we ensure client confidentiality and recommend a plan for corrective action.

In essence, we become part of a client’s “team” - representing and protecting the client’s best interests. EMG offers several consulting services to support our clients through their environmental regulatory and compliance needs.

Environmental Compliance Services

Making sure that the facility or property adheres to environmental regulations helps an owner or operator avoid costly corrective actions, prevent government-imposed penalties, and preserve intrinsic property value.

Our services in the area of environmental compliance include:
  • Conducting internal compliance audits and performing regulatory analyses to determine the impact of proposed actions or pending legislation.
  • Assisting with permit and permit modification applications.
  • Identifying permitting requirements at the federal, state and local levels.
  • Compiling and analyzing environmental data in support of permit and/or Notices of Violation (NOV) negotiations.
  • Developing environmental reports to fulfil regulatory requirements.

  • Defining environmental liability and assessing risks.
  • Identifying technologies and best management practices to enhance compliance while reducing permitting requirements, control and treatment equipment expenditures, and sampling effort.

Site/Waste Remediation

Although most businesses make every effort to operate in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, mistakes sometimes happen. It is important to address such problems quickly and effectively.
EMG understands that waste remediation, transport and disposal activities be conducted effectively and comprehensively while maintaining lines of communication with the appropriate governing bodies.
We have the experience and flexibility to address remediation projects - whatever their size.

Our services in the area of site remediation include:

  • Performing remedial investigations and feasibility studies.
  • Developing remedial designs for hazardous groundwater contaminants such as nitrate, chlorinated VOC’s, perchlorate, and BTEX.

  • Overseeing well and treatment system installation.
  • Developing site health and safety plans and sampling plans.
  • Employing innovative technologies and numerical modelling for groundwater and air pollutant remediation and attenuation.

Pollution Prevention

The benefits of preventing pollution before it occurs are far greater than treating it after generation.
EMG has always maintained a proactive philosophy with regard to pollution prevention.
We understand that the best way to reduce the costs and regulatory liability of wastes and pollutants is to eliminate them at the source.
We accomplish this by offering a full spectrum of pollution prevention services that include:
  • Quantifying and characterizing facilities and processes for their air, wastewater, solid, and hazardous waste generation.
  • Quantifying raw material and hazardous material usage data.
  • Developing strategies for reducing energy usage and raw material usage .
  • Waste minimization through process and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) changes.

  • New technology/equipment modernization.
  • Employee awareness and training.
  • Reclamation, reuse, and recycle programs.
  • Energy efficiency assessments.

Hazardous Waste Management

Effective solid waste management safeguards public health and protects the environment by controlling waste from generation through disposal. EMG has extensive expertise in available solid waste management practices and technologies, and we use that knowledge to develop a comprehensive waste management strategy.
We believe that the optimal waste management strategy incorporates specific client needs, and uses various waste management practices to minimize cost to our clients, and impact on the environment.

Our services in this area include:
  • Performing facility assessments and waste characterization.
  • Conducting treatability studies and technology evaluation.
  • Designing waste remediation or treatment systems.

  • Assessing disposal options, including reuse and recycling Identifying energy efficiency or recovery opportunities.
  • Waste stream life-cycle and source reduction analysis.