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Food & Beverages - Bakeries


Leading Bakery

USA Northeast Region

  • Install system with low capital investment cost, low O&M costs, high reliability, short payback period, & process scalability.

The Challenge:

EMG was retained by a leading bakery to address the following challenges for the Facility:
  • Design, fabricate, install, and start-up a resilient wastewater treatment system to handle high-strength process wastewater.
  • Eliminate the need for costly, environmentally burdensome, and logistically difficult shipping of wastewater from the plant.
  • Install the system with a total footprint of under 2,000 ft2.

EMG's Solution:

EMG installed its proprietary, advanced PurEffluentTM treatment technology which included:
  • Solids screening and wastewater equalization tanks.
  • Highly automated PurEffluentTM system.
  • A biogas collection, metering, and flare system.
  • A polishing unit for further BOD5 and TSS reduction.
  • A Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) unit with remote access to monitor & control the treatment system.

  • Generating biogas as an onsite renewable energy source.
  • Enhancing the standing within the local community as an environmentally sustainable responsible business.

The Results:

Some of the benefits of this project for the client include:
  • Reducing wastewater organic concentration (BOD5) by 99% on average.
  • Eliminating the cost for wastewater hauling.
  • Allowing wastewater to be discharged to the local sewer system while maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • Maintaining low labor and O&M costs for the treatment system.
  • Allowing the plant to increase production without the increased burden from of wastewater generation.

EMG's Advanced PurEffluent™ Technology Solution enhanced the client's standing within the local community as an environmentally sustainable business, at the same time as reducing costs, and generating biogas for electricity production.