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F&B - Beverages Manufacturer


Leading Beverages Manufacturer

USA Northeast Region

The Challenge:

EMG was retained by a leading Beverages manufacturer in USA Northeast region, to design, fabricate, and start-up an onsite wastewater pre-treatment system.

Our client had an important standing within the local community, and wished to enhance their corporate responsibility and community contributions.

The Plant was producing very large volumes of wastewater due its high-scale industrial process, and needed to reduce costs associated with wastewater disposal, improve sustainability, accommodate planned production expansion, and improve regulatory compliance with the Plant's Industrial User (IU) Permit.

  • Remote system monitoring/control with a Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) unit.

EMG's Solution:

Through its team of Professional Engineers, Environmental Scientists, Laboratory Specialists, and Project Managers, EMG provided an integrated wastewater treatment and electricity generation solution that achieved the Client’s financial, environmental, and social goals.

EMG's PurEffluentTM System provided the following:
  • Customized Anaerobic Fluidized-Bed Digester (AFBD) units, distinguished for their small footprint, and high-rate wastewater treatment capability.
  • A biogas utilization system for onsite electricity generation & waste heat recovery, for reducing the Plant’s utility costs.

  • Enhancing regulatory compliance with the Plant’s Industrial User (IU) Permit.
  • Significantly reducing the Plant’s wastewater disposal costs (92% surcharge fee reduction).
  • Allowing the Plant to expand operations and increase production.

The Results:

Construction, commissioning and start-up of EMG’s PurEffluentTM AFBD system was completed and the Plant's requirements and local challenges were fully met.

The system continues its operations with great success, with non-interrupted wastewater treatment, and production of renewable biogas & electricity.

This project greatly enhanced the Plant’s standing in the local community as an environmentally sustainable & responsible business, committed to reducing off-site waste transfers & producing clean renewable energy.

Enhancement of the Factory’s standing within the local community