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Food & Beverages - Bakeries


Large Bakery

USA Northeast Region

The Challenge:

EMG was retained by a large bakery to design, fabricate, install, and start-up an onsite wastewater pre-treatment system to handle high-strength process-related wastewater.

Prior to working with EMG, wastewater from the plant was hauled off-site for disposal, which was costly, environmentally burdensome, and logistically difficult. In addition, the plant was looking to increase growth but was limited by wastewater disposal.

The challenge was to provide the plant with a cost-effective reliable solution that treats all the high-strength process-related wastewater, eliminating the need for wastewater shipping.

EMG's Solution:

EMG provided the Client with a compact, highly automated wastewater system that combines the PurEffluentTM Technology with polishing.

The Plant selected the PurEffluentTM Technology based on its low capital investment cost, low O&M costs, capability of handling stressful operation, small footprint, high system reliability, short payback period, and process scalability.

The treatment process consisted of the following primary components:
  • Wastewater equalization.
  • The PurEffluentTM treatment system followed by a small aerobic process for BOD5 and TSS removal.
  • Automated chemical feed system for pH and nutrient control.
  • Biogas collection, metering, and flare system.
  • A Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) unit with remote access capabilities to monitor and control the wastewater pre-treatment system.

The Results:

The newly installed PurEffluentTM system delivered the following benefits to the plant:
  • Eliminate wastewater hauling costs.
  • Consistently achieve 97% BOD5 and TSS removal in the treated wastewater effluent.
  • Allow the plant to discharge treated effluent into the local sewer system under strict sewer limits.
  • Eliminate traffic, noise, and odour issues that were associated with wastewater hauling.

EMG's Advanced PurEffluent™ Technology Solution allowed the plant to increase production without increasing the financial and environmental burdens resulting from additional wastewater generation.