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Dairy & Poultry


Large Centennial Farm

USA Northeast Region

The Challenge:

EMG was engaged by the Client to construct and operate a high-rate Anaerobic Fluidized-Bed Digester (AFBD) System for manure conversion, Odor Reduction, biogas & electricity generation.

The farm generates several thousand gallons of manure daily, resulting in a very high daily organic loading to the digester of chemical oxygen demand (COD), and high running energy costs.

The primary goals of this project were:
  • Improve the economic viability of the farm by reducing energy usage and manure disposal costs, and by selling excess electricity to the power grid.
  • Improve the farm’s environmental stewardship and community relations by reducing odor emission.
  • Facilitate farm growth without increasing the environmental and social liabilities created by additional manure generation.

  • Dual high-rate digester units (later expanded to add third digester) for removal of organic materials and biogas generation.
  • A biogas capture and electricity generation system.

EMG's Solution:

EMG's solution included the following:
  • A detailed assessment of the farm’s operations, manure collection and storage practices on site.
  • The completion of laboratory studies and a pilot-scale treatability study at EMG’s laboratory facilities to obtain design parameters for the full-scale digester system.
  • Obtaining all required state and local permits for system construction and operation.
  • The fabrication & installation of the full-scale digester system.

The Results:

The results and benefits of this project for the Farm include:
  • Elimination of odor emission from the farm.
  • Extensive generation of biogas for the generator unit.
  • Reduction of operating costs by generating electricity onsite.
  • Elimination of costs related to purchasing of bedding.
  • Providing a new source of revenue from excess bedding sales.
  • Enhancement of the Farm’s standing within the local community as an environmentally responsible business that is committed to sustainability and clean renewable energy production.

Laboratory & pilot-scale treatability studies were conducted at EMG’s specialised laboratories to obtain design parameters for the full-scale digester system.

The produced biogas was to used to generate electricity to reduce the farm’s running energy costs.