Remediation Services
Although most businesses make every effort to operate in a safe and environmentally friendly
manner, mistakes sometimes happen. Whether this is in the form of a small surface or
subsurface spill, or a recently discovered illegal hazardous waste dump, it is important to address
such problems quickly and effectively.

While it is imperative to ensure that the selected treatment technology will work on a specific
contaminant in a specific media, deciding the best remedial alternative constitutes only one facet
of a successful remediation effort. Of equal importance are coordinating remediation, transport
and disposal activities and maintaining lines of communication with the appropriate governing

EMG understands the value of making certain that each of these areas is addressed. We have the
experience and flexibility to address remediation projects - whatever their size.

EMG’s services in the area of site remediation include:

  • Developing site health and safety plans and sampling plans
  • Overseeing the installation of monitoring wells
  • Performing remedial investigations and feasibility studies
  • Developing remedial designs for hazardous groundwater contaminants such
    as chlorinated VOC’s, perchlorate, BTEX, and MTBE
  • Procuring and implementing treatment systems
  • Managing subcontractor activities
  • Maintaining proper records of the treatment, transport, and disposal of waste
  • Handling required public relations activities
  • Communicating with the necessary government agencies
  • Employing innovative technologies
  • Underground storage tanks (USTs) closures and removal
  • Numerical modeling for groundwater and air pollutant transport and attenuation
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