Hazardous Waste Management Services
Hazardous waste treatment and disposal is one of the most rapidly developing areas of
environmental engineering. Hazardous waste management is closely regulated by the EPA under
the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). In addition, federal, state, and local
regulations require waste tracking systems, appropriate waste treatment and disposal, and
management programs that reduce waste through industrial process changes.

EMG is experienced in determining the health, safety, and environmental effects of hazardous
wastes, conducting hazardous waste characterizations, and developing waste treatment
Our team combines in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements with superior
technical and scientific expertise to address client needs in these areas. Effective solid waste
management safeguards public health and protects the environment by controlling waste from
generation through disposal.  Integrated solid waste management incorporates life-cycle
analysis, source reduction, recycling, incineration, and land filling, together with ongoing
monitoring and evaluation, to ensure that the management strategy meets current and future
regulations and is operating efficiently.

EMG has extensive expertise in available solid waste management practices and technologies,
and we use that knowledge to develop a comprehensive waste management strategy. We believe
that the optimal waste management strategy incorporates specific client needs, and uses various
waste management practices to minimize cost to our clients, and impact on the environment.

EMG’s services in the area of hazardous waste management include:

  • Performing facility assessments
  • Evaluating remedial technology
  • Conducting treatability studies
  • Assessing disposal options, including reuse and recycling
  • Assessing management practices
  • Establishing tracking systems
  • Specifying disposal technology
  • Analyzing collection systems
  • Developing and implementing waste minimization and material recovery
  • Designing transfer stations
  • Identifying energy recovery opportunities
  • Specifying treatment/disposal systems
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