Environmental Services
Some of the most demanding business endeavors relate to the environment. Whether it be
complying with regulations, cleaning up contaminated sites, treating waste streams, preventing
pollution, or establishing a competitive edge and a “green image". Increased public awareness of
the need to protect the environment has brought about a corresponding number of environmental
statutes and regulations.  Since 1969, Congress has amended and enacted more than 25 major
pieces of environmental legislation, and many state and local governments have enacted strict
regulations of their own.  At the same time, food, beverage, and farming operations are being
burdened with increasing costs of managing waste streams.  The legal precedent of holding
producers of those waste streams responsible for any resulting long-term contamination, even if
it were caused subsequent to off-site hauling, adds significant pressure on businesses.  The
combined result of this “perfect storm” is a formidable compliance requirement and cost burden
for industries of all sizes.

EMG views environmental management today not just as a challenge but also as an opportunity
to discover innovative solutions for environmental problems. We see these complex challenges
as a catalyst for developing a new approach to managing pollution issues: shifting from a
conventional environmental policy (which focuses on compliance and remediation) to a policy
motivated by integrated life-cycle analysis (in which pollution prevention is the primary goal).
The EMG team has become the preferred environmental consultant for many organizations in
both the public and private sectors, working with each client in addressing the unique
environmental challenges of their business.  Our success in this demanding field is attributable
to our team of highly skilled environmental professionals who average 17 years experience.  We
combine a sound scientific approach with state-of-the-art technology to design and implement
innovative, cost-effective solutions for short- and long-term environmental concerns.

EMG’s Environmental Services include:

  • Wastewater treatment services (anaerobic treatment systems, aerobic
    treatment systems, and wastewater characterization & treatability studies)

  • Environmental engineering consulting services (industrial & hazardous waste
    management, environmental compliance, pollution prevention, remediation
    services, and Brownfields development)
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Environmental Services


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