Wastewater Characterization & Treatability Studies
Environmental testing is becoming increasingly complex and demanding as federal, state, and
local agencies continue to set and enforce stringent regulations.  It is important to conduct
environmental sampling and monitoring effectively due to the costs and importance of providing
reliable data for meeting permits and regulations. Additionally, environmental laboratories used to
analyze samples must have a commitment to excellence.

EMG has extensive experience conducting various types of waste stream sampling and related
activities.  We own and operate an independent environmental laboratory that performs a wide
range of water/wastewater testing services with state-of-the-art instrumentation. EMG’s highly
qualified professionals have a reputation for providing consistent and reliable analyses.  In
addition, EMG only works with the industry’s most capable and reputable environmental
laboratories, which have proven, successful operating procedures and stringent quality
assurance standards as dictated by regulatory agencies.

EMG’s Services in the area of wastewater characterization and treatability
studies include:

  • Testing and analyzing wastewater
  • Conducting soil sampling and classification
  • Conducting water sampling and well installation
  • Supervising and monitoring testing
  • Interpreting and analyzing results
  • Developing environmental sampling plans and chain-of-custody protocols
  • Performing wastewater treatability studies at our specialized laboratory
    facilities for client-specific waste streams using various leading treatment
Anaerobic Treatment

Aerobic Treatment Systems

Wastewater Characterization
& Treatabilitty Studies
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