Brownfields Development Services
EMG combines its experience in the area of remediation management, together with our team’s
knowledge of site assessments, sampling and the latest redevelopment regulations, to provide
valuable assistance to brownfields development efforts. Brownfields clean-up and redevelopment
can turn contaminated former factories, distribution centers, and even landfills into inexpensive
starting points for new industrial and retail developments. With the benefit of a scientific investigation,
and proper remediation, old contaminated sites that were once abandoned can become the low-
cost real-estate on which new businesses are built.  From researching a site’s environmental history
and past ownership, to identifying existing environmental problems, to designing and overseeing the
remediation efforts of any on-site contamination, EMG has the ability to facilitate a site redevelopment
to completion.

EMG’s Brownfields Development Services include:

  • Performing historical record searches
  • Conducting on-site assessments of current property conditions
  • Identifying potential off-site contamination sources
  • Collecting soil and water samples
  • Interpreting and analyzing laboratory results
  • Developing and implementing remediation strategies
  • Communicating with the necessary governmental agencies
  • Assisting with grant applications and financial strategies
  • Providing engineering and financial partners (if suitable) for site clean-up and
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