Beverage Manufacturing
Our highly efficient and cost effective Anaerobic Fluidized Bed Digester (AFBD) technology is often
an ideal solution for wastewater streams from beverage manufacturing operations because of
the typically high biodegradable content (such as sugars and alcohol), low concentrations of
toxins, and low to moderate suspended solids content.  These ideal conditions maximize the
potential for a net-positive financial benefit through generation of process heat and/or electricity
and substantial savings over other wastewater management practices.

We would be happy to work with you in evaluating the potential benefits of using EMG’s AFBD
technology for your facility’s wastewater stream. The successful implementation and operation of
this cutting-edge system will be dependent upon a multiple factors, including:

  • Is your Management team committed to the project’s success?
  • What are your reasons for installing the anaerobic system?
  • What are the volume and characteristics of the wastewater stream generated?
  • What is the facility layout and how much space is available for the system?
  • What are your facility’s existing wastewater collection and management
  • What maintenance or service capabilities do you have at your facility?
  • What is the projected facility lifespan?

If you are interested in EMG’s AFBD system for wastewater treatment and energy recovery at your
facility, please complete our
Beverage Manufacturing Digester Feasibility and Evaluation Form or
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