Anaerobic Treatment Systems
Today’s highly competitive business environment places emphasis on consistent regulatory
compliance, low operational costs, small foot print, and energy efficiency.  To address these
specific needs, EMG has developed and perfected its Anaerobic Fluidized-Bed Digester (AFBD)
technology.  Our AFBD process removes 85% to 95% of biodegradable waste stream organics
5 or COD) and converts them into usable biogas (CH4 and CO2), which can be used for
on-site process heat or electricity, at low operational costs and with a compact and efficient
plant design.

Traditional suspended-growth anaerobic digesters have several shortcomings, including
sensitivity to organic overloading, low tolerance to toxic compounds, a difficult start-up process
and high costs to implement. EMG’s AFBD systems offer substantial advantages over these
systems including the highest achievable organic loading rates, short hydraulic retention time
requirements, and balanced and highly stable bacterial populations that can withstand organic
overloading and exposure to many toxins.  This highly stable and reliable system has a much
quicker start-up time at costs significantly lower than other options.  In fact, most clients are able
to achieve net-financial gains due to electricity generation and other cost savings.

How do we achieve these advantages? Attached-growth systems are based on allowing
anaerobic bacteria to grow on a biocarrier surface within the digester. This approach minimizes
bacteria washout resulting in high and robust microbial populations within the digester.  
Depending on the specific characteristics of the wastewater stream, different pre-treatment steps
may be used to convert the raw wastewater stream into a readily degradable waste.  
The efficiency of the digestion process will be influenced by many factors that include: pH, solids-
to-water ratio, carbon-to-nitrogen (C/N) ratio, digester temperature, digester mixing, average size
of solids being digested, Hydraulic Retention Time (HRT), and Mean Cell Residence Time

EMG has the advanced technical knowledge and expertise to ensure
successful application of the AFBD technology by providing turnkey
services that include:

  • Design and permitting (local and state permitting)
  • Component fabrication
  • System installation
  • System shakedown and startup
  • Long-term operation
  • Advanced software providing remote, fully automated system monitoring
  • Expert grant writing with high rate of success
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